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Charles N. “Nick” Norton,  Sheriff
63 West Church Street, Lakeland, Georgia 31635

Phone: 229-482-3545  Fax: 229-482-2413

As the Sheriff of Lanier County I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to anyone visiting our beautiful county and I invite you  to  call  on  me,  or  any  of  my  Deputies,  if  we  can  make  your  visit  here  safer  or  more  enjoyable.  If  you  are  a  resident  of Lanier  County  I  would  like  to  say  “Thank  You!”  for  your  support  of  our  efforts  to  provide  you  with  top  quality  law enforcement services for the community.

We take all our duties very seriously and we want to assure you that the Oath we take is not taken lightly. We believe that professional law enforcement is more than just a job, that it is a calling, and we have dedicated our life to the protection of the public, even unto death if necessary.

A primary function of the Office of Sheriff is to serve as “Officers of the Court”. In that capacity we provide courtroom security and processing warrants and judicial orders for Superior Court. We also handle the service of civil papers from attorneys and courts throughout the country and Magistrate and Probate Court document service. The Sheriff is also, by law, the “Chief Jailer” of the county and must handle and manage all accused and sentenced inmates and provide for their movement and care. All mental health transports must be conducted by the Sheriff’s Office as well for any citizen of Lanier county.

Traffic law enforcement is provided for the protection of our motoring public and criminal law enforcement and investigations are carried out with a zero tolerance towards anyone who preys on our citizens or visitors. Our investigators and crime scene personnel carry a full caseload and work diligently on each case they are assigned coordinating their efforts with the State and Regional Crime labs and Federal experts when needed.

To aid us in the fight we seek grant funding from all appropriate sources and we prosecute the seizure of any assets or properties used in criminal activity and convert the value to use for law enforcement. This helps us reduce cost to the public while increasing our service offerings.

When it comes to cooperative activity, we utilize a “force multiplier” approach and partner with various Federal, State and local agencies to assist in bolstering our limited manpower and to take advantage of other agencies’ experience and capabilities. We have investigators assigned to assist with State and Federal Task force operations and directed investigative activities to make long term impacts on many types of crime. Some crimes take several years to full uncover but we have proven capable of that and have more work to do. We also participate in the Southern Regional Traffic Enforcement Network to help reduce traffic violations regionally and reduce incidents of driving under the influence.

While it is certainly our job to stay on top of current prevention techniques and crime trends and to provide the training and tools our Deputies need to meet the challenges we face, we couldn’t do it without the support of the citizens of Lanier County. It is the people of Lanier County that are the heart and soul of the community. Any good we do, or have done, is through the grace of God and because you have supported our efforts and the work we do.

Please, contact us any time you need help, day or night and we will be there for you.

Charles N. “Nick” Norton, Sheriff
Telephone: 229-482-3545 email:

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